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Tuesday, August 17, 2010

My 16 Year Old me!

Me at 16 on the far right with the bangs! haha

I was reading a blog one day in the Winter of 2010 and came upon this awesome blogger and she inspired me to think about my life and different situations when I was 16 years old. Being that I am almost 30 year old in 78 days (gulp), I really enjoyed going back to when I was 16 and giving myself some pieces of advice!

Go on to to read my letter to myself...I am sure a lot of you will have similar pieces of advice!

Thanks Red Boots!

Here is my Letter:

Dear Kelly

16 and loving life is what you are doing right now....great friends, playing volleyball, boys galore and you have just gotten your lifeguard certificate--hello Tan and being out in the summer all day long. A couple of notes to remember and take in breath by breath.

You are pretty oblivious to the boys that are going to start creeping up in your life....dont' be too scared--but take advantage of that cute lifeguard at Eagle pool...he will be your first crush, love and a good friend till the end even though you broke his heart at 19. Boys right now are a big thing and your about to meet someone in about a year that will change your life (or so you think). Don't give in to easy with him liking you and date around and don't fall for the first guy who will end up breaking your heart and end many of your high school friendships because they took his side after you broke up - HE IS NOT WORTH IT. Say yes to Josh-the lifeguard again and don't tell him your still in love with your high school boyfriend...stupid--and don't do it.

Volleyball and the one sport you love: Do not worry about making the Varsity Team and playing for the rest of your life like Gabrielle Reece--it's not in the cards sister. In fact, why don't you try out for something else--swimming, cheerleading, Flags...give it your all because you never know what's going to happen. Remember to keep loving Volleyball, but it doesn't have to mean everything to you at this moment.

Friends and Enemies: Right now you have more friends then you can handle , but that's because your honest, loving, friendly and fun! Remember to keep your friends close, but your enemies closer. Sometimes jealousy gets in the way of things--but don't worry about some high school friends because in the end they are not worth it.

Summer before your Freshman Year of College: Have a blast with your friends, lifeguard again and teach swim'll become closer to that cute little girl Nola and her family will one day go to your wedding. Also-do not take that Summer School Psychology Class--you will not pass and end up at Harper College...which actually isnt' so bad and you will become Best Friends from a girl who you were just friends with through high school--she will actually end of becoming one of your best friends.

St. Norberts--Go to Norberts and join CC HAMS and remain close friends with your girls--they will end up being party of life when your almost 30...! They are amazing great friends and will do anything for you....oh and that tour guide Mark that you had when you went to visit Senior Year of HS--get in touch with him and smooch will be a story of all to tell people.

Pool--keep in touch with people from the pool---especially Kristin Hoblik--she will later on in about four years introduce to you to the most, wonderful man that you will marry. Do not worry about this--he is a bit older--but he is your soulmate and the best thing...

Chicago--do not worry about staying at home with your parents--everyone does it...but do MOVE downtown--for at least one'll regret if you don't.

When your dating your Soon to be Husband do NOT introduce your red-headed friend to his frat brother--it will not be good--for all four of you....

Be good to yourself...don't keep smoking (it's bad for you) and enjoy life--you only get one!

Yours truly-
Kelly at age 29


  1. Aww! I love your letter! Such wonderful advice!

  2. No worries, I'm just glad you took part and shared your wonderful letter with me :)