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Thursday, February 25, 2010

Love Is...

Love not asking how much her new dress cost.
I'd have to say that this is a favorite of mine. I have a little problem with shopping, but I really enjoy it. Finding that great jacket on sale or the perfect pair of jeans puts a smile to my face. Last night a girlfriend and I went to get a baby gift at Target and then headed over to our favorite store to do some retail therapy. I just paid off my credit card from that store and of course I found a bunch of things that I wanted. I had a coupon and was very savvy about what I bought and paid for it without using the credit card. This made me Happy! When I got home my husband gave me one of those looks, but didn't say a word. He knew that I had paid off my card and he trusted me enough not to say anything or maybe it was the fact that he was too tired to ask after playing 10 games of basketball with this friends!
What is the one shopping store addiction you have?

Wednesday, February 24, 2010

Feet Love Around the World

What better feature to participate in then Nicole, over at

Her Feature is called "feet love around the world". I thought how perfect since my blog is bigfeetgirl. These are my black Uggs, yet I can't help to throw them out. They are the most comfortable shoes and while I am the one who walks the dog in the morning--then these were the shoes for today. It was a cold and blustery morning and my Uggs keep my big feet nice and warm! I LOVE UGGS!

Snail Mail

Beautiful Necklace from

I don't know about you--but I am a true letter girl! I love receiving letters in the mail and notes and even better--presents! I have always been obsessed with mail and receiving letters...I was a good pen pal when I was 10--that is for sure! Call me crazy--but I love getting notes and sending them. Making someone feel special and having someone write you a letter, thank-you note or just "I miss you" note is so special. I think it's wonderful when people take the time to write sincere messages in your card! I really look forward to coming home from work, grabbing my sweet dog for a walk and getting the mail. Now I know what many of you are thinking--Mail=Bills! I do open the dreaded bills, but once someone sends me a letter, invite or something they have sent through the mail--it really puts a smile to my face!

The last great pieces of mail that I received was this beautiful necklace from
a beautiful thank you note from my dear friend Abbey, two netflix movies and a wedding invite!
In the last week--what were some of the great pieces of mail you received?

Friday, February 19, 2010

I love Lill and you should too!

My purse that I designed for my sister-in-laws wedding!
Purse Party at 1154 Lill store--wine and appetizers included!

I know us ladies love a great purse! I am sure if we looked at all the ones we have, we could probably count at least 20-30 purses that range from clutches, mom purses, evening purses and fun bags. I know I do. I wanted to introduce you to the most fabulous of them all--my collection of Lill Bags!
1154 Lill Studio has been making amazing and beautiful bags going on 11 years. The company is based in Chicago, IL. What makes Lill so unique is that you create your own bag and you do that by costumizing your fabrics and choosing which colors, styles and patterns you love! It is a guilty obsession of mine and they are so much fun. I believe I have about 5-6 Lill bags (check out the photo of all my latest and greatest creation! If you are like me and LOVE & LUST over adorable and unique purses then this is the place for you. I have given Lill bags, received them for bridesmaid gifts and even had my own LILL party at my house where a coordinator brings Lill to you. It is so much fun and making purses just got more fun and exciting. Check them out here!

Tuesday, February 16, 2010

Love is...

Love is...a sign that spring can't be far away.
From the time I was young, I can remember my mom sitting and reading the Sunday paper and clipping the "Love Is" comics. I also remember them being posted on our fridge for the week until next and at times they would become a regular read at our house. I cannot tell you how many I have read, cut out and given to old loves in cards.

The Cartoon was created by Kim Grove in the 1960's. The series started as little love notes that Kim Grove drew for her husband, Roberto Casali. The strip was first syndicated in 1970 and one of her most beloved drawings, "Love is...being able to to say you are sorry". It was marketed internationally for many years in print and cards.

I just love this comic and here is one for all my fellow bloggers. I will be uploading them throughout my blog when I come across one that fits with my blog or what I am writing about. I hope you all enjoy them as much as I do.

Monday, February 15, 2010

When did we grow up?

My dear Friend Abbey, Harrison and Aunt Mickey
Me and Harrison--too cute

Abbey and Harrison

29 and going on the heck did that happen? I feel very comfortable with my life right now...but at the same time scared shitless. Over the weekend I was looking at my old photos from high school and college. I was in the midst of making my friend a picture collage for her 30th B-day and came across hysterical and touching photos of all my friends from the time starting at age six and I took a tour down memory lane...from age 10, junior high school, high school, college times and beyond. I couldn't help to think where did the time go? Last Wednesday night I met my one of my oldest friends from high school and her new baby boy. As I was holding the cutie pie--all I could think was I remember so many times with your mom and dancing and singing to Madonna. Where do the years take you? In the last three years I have been to about 15 weddings of family and friends. In the year 2007--I think we had about 8 weddings that year....crazy and oh so much fun! I can't seem to think back to all those wild and crazy times in College and in my early twenties: staying up late in college, late night stops at Taco Bell, dancing to the wee hours of the night and sleeping in. I feel like in the past six years my life has totally changed--not bad change--just different. I really can't imagine doing it again, I do miss those crazy, wild times in my late teens and early twenties...but I look forward to many things: starting a family of my own, job security and more money(hopefully), traveling, enjoying a quiet night at home with my dog and husband, a cup of coffee and my people magazine and many others. What are the some of the things you look forward to in your life as we grow older?

Friday, February 12, 2010

Thursday, February 11, 2010


Laura at madness of mundanity
is having an amazing giveaway for a vintage camera. Oh how lovely it would be to win this vintage piece of art. I love these little questionaire games and I feel like I am back in eighth grade. Thanks Laura! To enter please list your always/sometimes/never answers.

I always:

have my camera with me

celebrate St. Patrick's Day

always say I love you when I hang up the phone to friends and family

write thank-you cards when I receive something

I sometimes:

forget to take risks

get lost in my own life

forget to shave in the winter

drink too much

I never:

take my relationships for granted

let my work come before my family

forget those who have touched my life

say I love you at night and give my husband a kiss and dog

WW again

Yes it's that time again to start working out--actually I have attempted, started, stopped and started again--this time for good. Over the Holidays I re-joined my gym and it's been going pretty good in the last two weeks. Nothing crazy--30-40 minutes on the eliptical and walking a mile around the track. I have done some cardio classes that have kicked my ass, but then again my ass needs to be kicked back into shape. So working out makes me feel: empowered, lighter, determined, sweaty and excited to get back in shape!

My mom is an inspiration and since October, she has shed 30 pounds by doing Weight Watchers. Now I have done Weight Watchers too-lost weight and gained it right back. I have also starved, tried Jenny Craig (after reading Valerie Bertinelli's book) and just watched what I ate. Weight Watchers to me is the best program out there because you really can loose weight and you can eat whatever you want in moderation if you keep within your points! So I signed up on-line which is free registration until March 2010. I know I can do it and I think the motivation behind it is to feel better about myself, for my clothes to fit better and to prove to myself I can do it.

Check out WW--it's the best program right now and it really does work...2.5 pounds lost and counting in one week--NOT BAD!

Oh and that little Hungry Monster I'll destroy you! Now off to the GYM!

Kohl's Deals!

Gosh I love Kohl's so is this wonderful store with amazing deals, clothes, make-up, shoes and did I say deals! I have been a loyal Kohl's customer for years now. They really do have the best coupons. Throughout the year you can find coupons in the mail for 15-30% Off your total purchases and then there is the Kohl's coupons for $10-20 to use on your next purchase. This just does me in. Thank you so much Kohl's!
I recently stepped into Kohl's on my lunch break to find some goodies for V-day. I have never used the make-up line-American Beauty--but I am hooked. The beautiful Ashley Judd is the model for the line and let me tell you--it is gorgeous and reasonable make-up. I was in need of updating my eyeshadows...I usually play with make-up and like to create different looks with my many eyeshadows. I found this Eyeshadow Duo--Luxury for Lids. It comes with two colors and I chose Smokey Velvet and Afternoon Tea--so four shadows for about $25.00 dollars and that was also using my coupon--not a bad deal. The shadows are beautiful colors and they go on nice and smooth. They last throughout the day and are great!
Save 15% OFF when Using Kohl's Credit Card.
Expires: 02/17/2010
code: FEBKC15


I stumbled upon this this amazing blogger and artist--Lisa Leonard Designs.
She is truly an inspiration and has the most beautiful jewelery that she creates. She creates art and dreams up so many wonderful and beautiful pieces that would put Tiffany to shame. Thank you Lisa--you are wonderful! Keep creating, blogging and taking photographs!

Valentine's Day

Valentine's Day--what do you think of this LOVELY Holiday. A couple things come to my mind...I remember making v-day boxes in Elementary School and making out 33 Valentines for my classmates (I miss those days-I totally think we should still make v-day boxes) I also remember getting candy grams which at my school they were like the ones in Mean Girls. You know the ones that Cady Heron sends to herself so Gretchen Wieners gets jealous. Only these candy grams usually were to see which adolescent boy had a crush on you! I also have a weakness for sappy movies-Sleepless in Seattle is one of favorites--gosh Tom Hanks and Meg Ryan are the best in this movie. I know I am a sucker...but I do love V-day. It was a couple weeks ago and I asked my husband what he wanted to do for V-day. I told him I'd love to see the movie Valentine's Day--it looks so cute. We'll for about 10 minutes I got "but that's a chick flick!" I told him he would be the best husband if he took his wife to see it...he gave in.
Top Ten Reasons I love V-day:
1. Chocolate and more of it
2. Flowers-what girl doesn't love flowers
3. Sappy, tearjerker, feel good movies
4. Cuddling
5. Kissing
6. V-day Cards
7. Conversation Hearts
8. Any love song on the radio--Richard Marx will do
9. Dancing
10.Making Whoopee at any given moment

Wednesday, February 10, 2010

Winter Blues....ready for Spring

Okay if you are like most people in Chicago--you are totally sick of winter, cold temps, dull air inside and sweaters! I always get a little cabin fever right around the middle of February. I feel like I am ready to explode and all I want to do is plan a vacation, look for vacation deals and sunshine. I am so excited for Spring time! Some of the many things to look forward to is:
  • Opening up my windows in my house and letting the fresh breeze in
  • Long walks with my dog on the golf course and hubby
  • Leggings and light weight sweaters
  • Pretty pastel colors of pinks, purples, yellows and greens
  • St. Patrick's Day and Green Beer
  • New Spring Clothes
  • Flowers-I'll take any right now
  • More sunshine
  • Bike Rides
  • A bit warmer temperatures
  • Baseball Season--GO CUBBIES
  • My trip to DC to celebrate my Best Friend's 30th!