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Monday, February 15, 2010

When did we grow up?

My dear Friend Abbey, Harrison and Aunt Mickey
Me and Harrison--too cute

Abbey and Harrison

29 and going on the heck did that happen? I feel very comfortable with my life right now...but at the same time scared shitless. Over the weekend I was looking at my old photos from high school and college. I was in the midst of making my friend a picture collage for her 30th B-day and came across hysterical and touching photos of all my friends from the time starting at age six and I took a tour down memory lane...from age 10, junior high school, high school, college times and beyond. I couldn't help to think where did the time go? Last Wednesday night I met my one of my oldest friends from high school and her new baby boy. As I was holding the cutie pie--all I could think was I remember so many times with your mom and dancing and singing to Madonna. Where do the years take you? In the last three years I have been to about 15 weddings of family and friends. In the year 2007--I think we had about 8 weddings that year....crazy and oh so much fun! I can't seem to think back to all those wild and crazy times in College and in my early twenties: staying up late in college, late night stops at Taco Bell, dancing to the wee hours of the night and sleeping in. I feel like in the past six years my life has totally changed--not bad change--just different. I really can't imagine doing it again, I do miss those crazy, wild times in my late teens and early twenties...but I look forward to many things: starting a family of my own, job security and more money(hopefully), traveling, enjoying a quiet night at home with my dog and husband, a cup of coffee and my people magazine and many others. What are the some of the things you look forward to in your life as we grow older?


  1. It is really amazing how time passes by, that's right. But I really believe that every age will offer great opportunities

  2. What an adorable baby:)

    And I completely agree - sometimes it's shocking to think about how everyone has grown up and how life changes so quickly! I like to think that everything happens for a reason though:)

  3. I know how you feel. I'm 29 this year, but it doesn't seem like it was that long since I was 20 - sometimes it's like they just vanished!