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Thursday, February 11, 2010

WW again

Yes it's that time again to start working out--actually I have attempted, started, stopped and started again--this time for good. Over the Holidays I re-joined my gym and it's been going pretty good in the last two weeks. Nothing crazy--30-40 minutes on the eliptical and walking a mile around the track. I have done some cardio classes that have kicked my ass, but then again my ass needs to be kicked back into shape. So working out makes me feel: empowered, lighter, determined, sweaty and excited to get back in shape!

My mom is an inspiration and since October, she has shed 30 pounds by doing Weight Watchers. Now I have done Weight Watchers too-lost weight and gained it right back. I have also starved, tried Jenny Craig (after reading Valerie Bertinelli's book) and just watched what I ate. Weight Watchers to me is the best program out there because you really can loose weight and you can eat whatever you want in moderation if you keep within your points! So I signed up on-line which is free registration until March 2010. I know I can do it and I think the motivation behind it is to feel better about myself, for my clothes to fit better and to prove to myself I can do it.

Check out WW--it's the best program right now and it really does work...2.5 pounds lost and counting in one week--NOT BAD!

Oh and that little Hungry Monster I'll destroy you! Now off to the GYM!


  1. Have you tried zumba? Its a lot of fun and you don't even feel as if you are working out! Way better than the treadmill!

  2. THanks for suggestion--my gym offers it and heard its a blast-i'll have to try it!