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Friday, January 29, 2010

New Year's Resolution

I normally do not make a New Years Resolution, but this year I have decided to stop spending money on things I could get for free and stop spending money in general for things that I WANT, but don't really need. I have always been a lover of books and reading. I believe reading takes you away to another place and falling in love with a great book puts a smile on my face.

I was watching Sex and the City movie over Christmas Break and was watching the part when Carrie and Big are in bed and he asks her if she is the last person that goes to the library. She replies that she just loves the smell of the library and she loved that all the great writers are under one roof. I had an "aha" moment.

I finished watching the movie and googling the closest public library near my home and was determined to sign up for a library card and get lost looking for books. I went about a week later and took out two books and have already read them both in a three-week span. I went this past week and got a couple can also reserve books on-line and they let you know when they come in and you can pick up. I feel like I have fallen in love with books again and reading. Thank you public library for making it fun again...who says libraries can't be fun--NOT ME!

Also one more thing regarding Sex and the City. The Carrie Diaries by Candace Bushnell is coming out on April 27, 2010. It is about Carrie way back when before she was the manolo-prada wearing fashionista!

Tommy-I missed you

Tommy Hilfiger Hope Boot Cut Jeans.

We'll--all of us girls are always searching for the perfect Jeans...I don't know if we'll ever find them...but I was at Macy's the other day and found them. The Tommy Hilfiger Hope Boot Cut Jeans that are on sale for now $39.99--yes you heard me.

They are just too cute and very comfortable wear. I have also washed them and they do not shrink or loose the jean feel. I love them and wanted to share them with you...I got two pairs just in case.

Thanks Tommy!

Holidays and dead of Winter

Gosh--can it really be that Christmas was over a month ago...again where does the time fly? It seems like a month ago my friend Kathleen was getting married, my friend Abbey was pregnant and Christmas and New Years was right around the corner. Now--Chrismas and New Years are over, my friend Kath and John are happily married and Abbey and Chris have a new baby boy. Really? how does life just pass us by so quickly. I love that quote from Ferris Buehler's Day Off. "Life moves pretty fast, if you stop and look around once in a while you could miss it." How true is that.

I am all about the warm fuzzy socks, Ugg Boots (Yes I still wear them and Love them), cozy sweaters and fun scarves and gloves. January is one of those months where you just feel like hibernating, watching movies, making tea and cooking. I took this picture outside my home and thought it was so beautiful. I guess we can find beauty anywhere even if it is minus 2 degrees outside. I love the Windy City! Remember in these cold winter days to take a minute to reflect, love, dance and dream!

Before and After

New Kitchen--makes cooking so much Fun!
The beautiful powder room

New Floors--ahhh!

Oh yes our fridge was in our living room--very easy access

Dave my sweet husband removing it in our powder room

Our Kitchen after the tile had been removed...yuck

back at it after the Holidays and house improvements

I know it's been a while since my last post...I can't believe it is the end of January. Where did this month go. Oh yeah our house was under construction and the days became weeks. I am happy to say that it is finally finished and our HARDWOOD FLOORS look amazing. I feel like a live in a new house and everything smells differently. It was a lot of grunt work to prepare for them; ripping out the carpet, taking the linoleum tiles one by one off our kitchen and bathroom and cleaning out my cabinets. They were finally completed last Friday, January 22nd. It was a glorious day and I spent most of the day cleaning, organizing and admiring. We had been wanting to put hardwood in our home since we moved in Memorial Day weekend of needless to say the wait was worth it. They look amazing and I am so happy with our new home: ) Here are some pictures of before and after.