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Thursday, July 8, 2010

4th of July weekend Part Three

Surfing on July 14th
Ahh, North Carolina!

So beautiful!

So we came back from camping & the concert on the 4th of July! Let me tell you that it was so nice to take a shower--the best feeling in the world! My girl scouting skills came in handy, but I am now realize that I love my house, bed and warm running water! We came back to Aurora after a long ride home and a much needed shower! It was the best to just veg out at our house and we even got left overs from my parents cookout! Thanks Mom--everything was so yummy! Monday we had off work and I wanted to start packing for our trip to the Outer Banks-only 6 days early! I don't know about everyone else, but I tend to be very anal about what to bring on the trip and freak out a little bit about packing! Girls have it the worst-we have too many shoes, dresses, hair necessities and other girl stuff! I must have made about three lists and crossed them off when I packed them! Oh well....we have three suitcases and we are ready to leave! Kelly's Suitcase, Dave's suitcase and the Beach Suitcase! I have 1 hour and 15 minutes until my vacation begins and can't wait to be here very soon!
Ten things I am looking forward to vacation in Hatteras, North Carolina:

  1. Condo on the beach

  2. Reading my three books -Tori Spelling's new book, Bitter is the new black-Jen Lancaster and Something Borrowed-Emily Giffin

  3. Hanging with my hubbie

  4. Eating amazing seafood

  5. adventures of finding gems along Highway 12

  6. SURF Lessons for our anniversary

  7. Corona, Grey Goose Martinis and Wine

  8. Cup of Coffee on the patio over looking the Atlantic Ocean in the morning

  9. My new IPOD surf songs

  10. Starting Season One of Breaking Bad and watching some other fun movies!

Have a great week and will blog when I get back from Vacay!

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  1. Those photos are INCREDIBLE! The sky is gorgeous! So glad you are back to blogging!