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Thursday, July 8, 2010

4th of July Weekend Part Two

Waiting in the lawn for Dave to start with Liz, Becky, Chris and me!

DMB Fans-Liz, Chris, Dave, Kelly, Pete and Dee

High school friends and DMB fans!

Our awesome campsite!

Since 1997 I have been attending Dave Matthews Band Concerts! They were the soundtrack to my life through high school, college and now! We decided to go camping with our huge DMB fan friends Chris and Liz! We bought the tix when we were out with them in Green Lake, Wisconsin in February and now the weekend was here! We packed up the jeep and headed north to Alpine Valley in Wisconsin for an afternoon of games, listening to music, grilling out and drinks! We had a great time with our dear friends Chris and Liz and Chris' brother Kyle and girlfriend Becky! It was a great time setting up our tent and all the essentials; cheddar brats, chips, beer, vodka and red bull! We left for the concert and met our friends in the parking lot for some tailgating and fun in the sun! It was so nice visiting with friends, listening to Dave and camping out! What a great weekend! We heard that DMB is playing at Wrigley in September...we might just have to get tickets!

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