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Tuesday, March 23, 2010

March me in St. Louis

March Madness makes me's been a wild ride so far! I played b-ball when I was in grade school and have always loved the sport, but College B-Ball is the Best! It is so exciting and the games have been insane and so fun to watch. The Northern Iowa vs. Kansas game was the best. I was born in raised in Columbus, Ohio and was born a BUCKEYE! If anyone knows anything about Columbus or have visited they know how crazy us Ohio State Fans are...a little insane! I have always been a huge OSU fan and have rooted for my buckeyes in Football and Basketball. I am so excited they are in the Sweet 16!

Monday morning rolled around and I was thinking of seeing if there were any tickets to the games this upcoming Friday. I first went to stubhub, but they were way too expensive and then I tried Craigslist and Bingo I found some tix. I emailed and then called the person who was selling the tix. We agreed on a price and they should be at my door step when I get home! I called my husband of course to check in with him. ME being the spontaneous person I am didn't have to twist his arm much and he gave in.

Tickets-check, hotel room-check, going to see the Buckeyes in the Sweet 16 Tournament in St. Louis=PRICELESS!


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  1. Hope you enjoyed yourself - sounds like a lot of fun!!