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Monday, December 14, 2009

I am new at this, Okay?

Wow--where to begin? I started pondering about something that was missing in my life and it came to me-amazing shoes for big feet gals like me and everything in between. I have made it a mission to find the most amazing shoes for my size 10 wide feet (sometimes 11) depending on what I have ate or drank. Go Figure, right? I have watched countless episodes of Sex and the City and have only dreamed of my big feet fitting into a pair of dropdead gorgeous Monolo Blahnik heels! I guess a girl can dream. Since I was younger, I had had the hardest time finding shoes that fit my feet, shoes that won't give me blisters, make my feet look like sausages stuffed into shoes and achey, sore dogs.
As of right now, I will be looking into finding the right pairs of shoes to fit big girl feet and passing them on to all of you (and everything else I feel like blogging about) I will also be on a mission from God to find great looking outfits and shoes for plus-size women. Let's clarify something first and foremost. I hate the term "plus-size". The average size woman is a size 14/16. Hallelujah!
I am very interested in Photography and enjoying blogging very much...I will be adding anything that I come across and want to share with, pictures, home goods, recipes and anything else that runs into my head!

Big Feet Girl

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