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Wednesday, December 1, 2010

Am supposed to feel like this?

So in the past week I have been feeling much better than about 3 weeks ago. I am 11 weeks and almost finished with my first trimester. Three weeks ago I was feeling so sick-beyond tired, body aches, boobs hurting, nauseous feeling and just wiped out. I didn't feel human and not feeling like yourself is the worst feeling. Then one day about a week and half ago, I woke up and didn't have the sick feeling to my stomach, my food issues were gone ( I was having trouble smelling and eating certain foods), and I had more energy! Thank goodness! My second doctor appointment is December 7th and I can't wait to go and see what they say!

Looking forward to being off work December 24-January 2nd! It will be a nice vacation from work and hopefully the husband and I can get some work done around the house.

House Projects to complete:
  • Paint the Office and decorate with new comforter and fun paintings!
  • Paint the Guest bedroom which will be the baby's room
  • Paint the basement and hopefully get new carpet (it's our dog's favorite place to pee) eww!
  • Register for the baby
  • Buy the crib and start setting up the baby's room

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