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Wednesday, December 1, 2010

New Obsessions of 2010

Here are some of my new obsessions of 2010!!!
The New Colored Nook from Barnes and Noble--the best thing ever! I got it as a b-day gift for my 30th b-day! I love it and you would too!

Glee Songs--I download them from Itunes and I adore them. I adore the show too!

Anything made by philosophy--I love their skin care line

Kertain Treatment for my curly, unruly hair--I need to get it done again, but Ulta does it for $195.00 which is a great deal. It's an amazing product!

Any pants with an elastic waistband (since I am pregnant) they are the best and so comfy--thank you Old Navy!

What are your obsessions of 2010?

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