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Tuesday, February 22, 2011

Baby Clothes and spending tons of money-guess what you don't have to!

So being almost six months pregnant--the worry wart of my personality is setting in...I need clothes, I don't have much for the baby (we haven't had our shower), I need to keep reading my books! All of my worries are starting and they are waking me up at night or keeping me from sleeping. I have heard this happens, but geez!

We'll yesterday I was on one of my favorite websites, and plugged in Maternity/Baby Clothes. I got a couple good ones that popped up and saw one that was great and the woman that I contacted lived right by my work. We made an appointment for me to come over and look at clothes. She has triplets and an older daughter. I was so excited and at lunch I drove over to her house. I was greeted with a smile and surrounding her dining room were bins of clothes from Newborn to 18 months. I could have went crazy, but since we don't know the sex I was trying to contain myself and choosing only clothes that were gender neutral and also a couple cute girl and boy outfits. She was so sweet and so nice! I am so looking forward to reading her blog All of the clothes were so cute and in such good condition. I got so many onesies, pants, a couple sleep sacks and outfits for $26.00 bucks! Love a good deal--I am hooked now on looking for baby clothes on craigslist and at garage sales! I can't wait to meet our baby--then I can go wild! But for right now--this was perfect and such a good start to Baby Barista's wardrobe!

Thank you so much Mama Bee!

Bigfeetgirl thanks you!

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