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Monday, February 28, 2011

Kelly Barista's Technology Plan!

Just in time for St. Patty's day and my favorite time and holiday! I took Irish Step Dancing for 10 years while I lived in Columbus, Ohio. From the time I started and stopped, I have always been asked to teach, show a step, perform at a wedding or share my knowledge about the Irish Step Dancing Tradition and background. For me it was a great time in my life. I am still friends with many of the old dancers and we had a reunion two years ago in Columbus, Ohio.

My main objective for this technology plan is to incorporate a way of giving you knowledge about Irish Step Dancing. I will focus on:

Background and History-Week 1
I feel as children and adults we are self-directed and teaching and learning from ourselves is a big theme in defining the adult-Week 1
Dancing Steps and Soft and Hard Shoes-Week 2
Irish Dance Costume-Week 3
Riverdance-Week 4
Jig-the Movie-Week 4
Where you can take Irish Dancing for Adults in the Chicagoland area-Week 5
Re-Cap and Pictures-Week 5
Feet of a Dancer Poem and Song-Week 6
Irish Blessing-Week 6

As a student-please begin on researching about your heritage and start working on thinking of ideas for the class.

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