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Monday, February 28, 2011

Teaching Adults about their Irish Heritage and Why its Important

The main reason I am teaching adults about Irish Step Dancing is because I believe that in our readings that Adults need to know why they are learning something. They also want to know how this will benefit them.

The Learner’s Self-concept
Knowles, Holton, and Swanson emphasize that “adults resent and resist situations in which they feel others are imposing their wills on them.” (1998, 65) In spite of their need for autonomy, previous schooling has made them dependent learners. It is the job of the adult educator to move adult students away from their old habits and into new patterns of learning where they become self-directed, taking responsibility for their own learning and the direction it takes.

Technology is a perfect path for the facilitation of self-direction. The ultimate ability of initiatives such as web-based learning to be non-linear allows an adult to follow the path that most appropriately reflects their need to learn. It becomes extremely important for those who are designing technology-based adult learning to use all of the capabilities of the technology including branching, the ability to skip sections a student already understands, and multiple forms of presentation of material which can assist people with various learning styles. All of these can be used to permit students to follow a path of learning that most appropriately suits them.

I feel like blogging about Irish Dancing is a way to express my ideas, pictures, videos and is a fun way to have adults learn Irish Dancing in a fun and interactive way.

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