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Monday, March 7, 2011

Feet of a Dancer-Week 6

This is one of my favorite songs and lyrics. My dear friend Kristen sang this song when she was leaving and moving away. It is still a dear memory to me.

Feet of A Dancer
By: Maura O'Connell (discography) Back to Roth's Song Index
On: Philo So Far, Just in Time

I hope you find the feet of a dancer, I hope you can sing in the rain
I hope you find all the easy answers to your pain
I hope you find love and affection, someone who cares
I hope you find all the right direction everywhere.

It won't be easy, but what can I say
There will be trouble on the way
And around every corner, there'll be terror and tears
But always remember that we're here.


A shoulder to cry on, whenever you're low
You know you can rely on us, you know
'Cause there's nothing too crazy, and there's nothing too dear
But always remember that we're here.


Even when the rain comes falling down
You know it's falling down on you


***Student Question: Please post any songs or poems you might find relating to your cultural background. Please give a meaning as to why you chose it.

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