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Tuesday, March 8, 2011

Review of Syllabus for Class

Instructor: Kelly Barista
Class: Introduction on getting to know more about me
Office: K101
Phone: 224.566.8890
Office Hours:
By appointment
• None
• Google email address-you will need to sign up for a Google account. It is free to use!
• Website :
The Learning outcomes for this course:
• Exploring and understanding how to create a personal blog
• Setting up a Google account and understanding the tools
• Students will become familiar with their own heritage and where they came from
• Presenting the project in a creative way
• Students will demonstrate through their presentation and blog the use of creating a blog and explaining their blog to everyone in the class

Attendance and Participation: 20%
Understanding on creating a blog: 10%
Answering questions on blog: 25%
Developing your own blog and Presentation 35%
Bringing in an artifact or treat from heritage: 10%
TOTAL: 100%

How to set up a Blogger Blog

Despite all of the hype with "blogs" in recent years, a blog really isn't anything much more complicated than a means for publishing a writer's work on the web in an easy to read and easy to update format. Some blogs are very personal, resemembling a diary, while others seem more akin to newspaper or magazine journalism. For our class this term, you will keep a blog where I'll ask you to post several short writing responses this term. Most of these exercises will be just a few pages long and they should help you working on the longer writing projects this semester.One easy way to do this is with Blogger, a free and easy to use service. Here are the instructions for how to set up a blog with Blogger (and they are current as of December 17, 2006):
Step 1: Go to and sign up for a blog
Again, it's an easy to use service, but let me give you a few pieces of advice on how to accomplish this:
• At the start page for blogger, click on the orange arrow that says "create your blog now."
• Blogger now is part of Google, so if you have a Google account (which allows for things like gmail) you should use that to set up your new blogger account. If you don't have a Google account, now is a pretty good chance to set one up. Otherwise, it is just a matter of following the instructions on this page.
• Be sure to check the "terms of service" box; of course, you might actually want to read through it a bit first, though the rules are pretty standard for these sorts of services.
• Save your username and password some place. In fact, I would encourage you to write it down some place. Don't lose this!
• When you're done, click on the orange "continue" button, which will take you to another page. If you did something wrong or you supplied a username or password that doesn't work, Blogger will stop you from proceeding until you fix the error.
• The "Blog Title" will be what appears in the title portion of your blog. I recommend you keep it something simple like "My English 328 Blog" or whatever you want.
• For the address of your blog, I'd encourage you to use your username. So, in my case, the blogger blog address would be Unless you know what you're doing with ftp functions, you should use to host your blog.
• The "word verification" section is a security set-up the blogger folks have; simply type in the word you see in the funky font into the provided box. Click "continue" when you're done.
• You can choose any template you want for your blog, and you can also change the template later if you would like. Click continue when you're done.
• After waiting a few moments, you should get a screen that says your blog has been created. Good for you! Click on the "start posting" arrow and get to work!
Step 2: Get posting!
• The posting screen for blogger is pretty straight-forward. Give your entries a title, type in the appropriate window, and use the editing tools for your blog entry as you want. We'll talk about more advanced options for your posting later, but if you know any basic html, you can incorporate most of that code into your blog posts.
• To post or "publish" your post, click the button at the bottom of the screen "Publish Post." If you start writing something but you don't want to post it until later, click where it says "Save as Draft."
• When you publish your post, blogger will process the information and then, if everything worked (and it usually does), it will give you the option to "view blog." Take a look at it; you should notice a couple of things:
o The address for your blog-- something like is the address for your blog. Send this URI (web address) to me! I will link to your blog from the class web site.
o Readers should be able to post a comment to your post by clicking on the "comments" link.

Course Schedule for Weeks 1-10
Week 1: Introduction
• Introduce yourselves online and tell what your background is (heritage , where you came from and anything else)
• Review Blogger Handout
• Teaching Adults about their Irish Heritage and Why its Important
• Teaching Adults about their Irish Heritage and Why its Important
• Kelly Barista's Technology Plan!
• Review Syllabus
Week 2: Irish Dance Steps and Shoes
• Begin my creating your blog via blogger and sending the website
• Begin by reviewing Week 2 on the blog given to you:
• Make any comments or questions on the blog that were asked of you
Week 3: Irish Dance Costume
• Log into blogger and begin reviewing Week 3
• Post something about you and your heritage and make comments on classmates blogs
Week 4: Riverdance and Jig
• Begin by reviewing Week 4 and review the question that posted by me
• Please review the videos in the blog
• Send me a Reflection Email on how you think the class is going and if there are any changes you would make to
Week 5: Irish Dance Companies in the Chicagoland area and Pictures of Irish Step Dancing
• Please review post and answer questions that were posted by me
• Start working your own blog
Week 6: Feet of a Dancer and Irish Blessing
• Please review post and answer questions that were posted by me
• Start working on your own blog

Week 7-9: Irish Heritage –Weeks 7, 8 and 9

Hi Students,

I am happy to announce that you are half way done with "Introduction on getting to know more about me" class. I hope you have enjoyed the last 6 weeks of the term and enjoyed the blog and about my Irish Heritage.

Now it is your time to start on your individual blog. Please remember to review the questions that were asked of you. I am letting you discover yourself and your own heritage through this project. Please review my questions, your answers and student comments.

You can use a blog and follow my instructions on explaining about your own heritage:
Remember to Include:
1. Introduction on you
2. An interview with parents and or relatives
3. Interesting facts and stories
4. Poems, Movies, Clips, Art from your heritage
5. What you have learned about your heritage

You will be able to use classtime and we will be meeting on Computer Lab K101 for the next three weeks, so you have plenty of time to work on this blog. I will be available for questions or concerns.

Remember to have fun, be creative and remember this about getting to know more about yourself!!!

Week 10: Presentation and Treats
• Everyone will present their treat or finding regarding their cultural background. You will have 5-8 minutes to present. Please bring an artifact-picture, song, piece of clothing or something to class. I will be making a scrapbook for my next quarter’s class.

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