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Monday, March 7, 2011

Irish Dance Companies in the Chicagoland Area-Week 5

I grew up taking Irish Step Dancing in the years of 1986-1995. I took dancing for Richens Academy in Columbus, Ohio. Back in the day when I took it there was only one dance academy in Columbus, Ohio. Now in 2011, they have grown and I even have two friends who started their own company in Columbus, Ohio. Talk about going full-circle. They are the Regan-Rankin Academy in Columbus, Ohio.
I competed throughout the mid-west for all of my Irish dancing career and the Chicagoland market was huge and very competitive. Most of the years that I grew up taking Irish Dancing the competitive and popular Irish Dance group that was in Chicago was Trinity Irish Dancing
Trinity has performed on numerous tv shows; Johnny Carson, the movie "Backdraft" and WGN, The Today Show and many more.
Here is website of schools all over the United States
***Student Question: If there are any social groups in the area that meet to discuss about your cultural background, please list, conduct an interview or visit one of them.

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