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Monday, March 7, 2011

Pictures of Irish Step Dancing-Week 5

Performing at my wedding above
All of my best friends-the "old dancers" at my friend Katie's wedding in 2007.

Kelly performing a jig

"old timers"

Jenni and Kelly performing the two-hand jig

The old dancers at my wedding-it was a great time!

Since I retired from Irish Dancing in 1995, I have performed in numerous family weddings, reunions and friend's weddings. I was married in July 2006 and I had invited many family and friends who took Irish Dancing. As a surprise by my cousin who was an Irish Dancer with Mullane Irish Dancers in Chicago, she surprised me by having Mullane perform and then all the "old dancers" performed. Here are some pictures from my wedding and other friends weddings.
***Student Question: Please list any fun facts or pictures about your cultural background.

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